Standard Chartered Bank:
The Power of Numbers


Standard Chartered Bank, Liverpool Football Club’s main sponsor, needed to connect with football fans across Asia. But how can you give Asian fans personal meaning to the 125th year celebrations of an English football club?

We played with the idea of linking key events with key numbers. Not only does Standard Chartered Bank understand that every number is as important as the story of opportunity that sits behind it, but in cultures across Asia, numbers hold significant symbolic meaning.

We created an entire season-long content campaign that allowed fans all over the world to celebrate the “Power of Numbers” of Liverpool Football Club.

We explored a range of stories, bringing to life the bank, the football club and the fans’ values. We hunted for authentic stories that were highly shareable to ensure our campaign reached mass awareness.

It all launched with Liverpool legend and famous number 8, Steven Gerrard. For 64 we created an immersive 360° binaural experience with Liverpool’s iconic anthem, ‘You’ll never walk alone’, first sung in 1964. Number 7 was brought to life with a playful interactive story book celebrating the legacy of Liverpool forward turned manager “King” Kenny Dalglish.

In all we produced more than 240 pieces of content, across digital, audio and print, in seven different languages, and timed the release of each one to a key moment during the iconic 125th season.

Our play was to be relevant with fans, and the numbers spoke true. “The Power of Numbers” reached over:
80 M fans worldwide
generated 280 M impressions
garnered 70 M views

The concept was used in more than
40 local market campaigns
and had an engagement rate of 1.95%
– triple the industry average – making it the most effective sponsorship campaign ever for Standard Chartered Bank.

To cap it all, Liverpool made the Champions League Final that season for the first time in over a decade. Not that we can claim full credit for that.