You strive to be better. You know there’s always more you can do. You test your capabilities and push your limits. You challenge your goals.

But if you need that boost that gets you more, that ups your game, raises your name and makes your role in the world meaningful and memorable, you need a playmaker.

Pulling the strings. Striking the deals. Setting the pace.

That’s Octagon. A leading global agency in sports, entertainment and culture. A group of creative thinkers and energetic doers harnessing that playmaker spirit to generate fame that endures.

The Octagon Office

We’re a mix of savvy veterans and bold upstarts, at it for three decades. A passionate team of 1,000+ around the world, relentlessly committed to helping you force fate and push forward to make your next right move.

We believe that the
best work should have
a lasting impact

Our Team

We live it because
we love it.

Octagon team in the office

We’re powered by an inspirational team of sports-mad, culture-obsessed playmakers. With their fingers firmly on the pulse, they set out a clear vision for our future. What do sports, entertainment and culture have in common? They celebrate the extraordinary. Those who’ve stood up. And stood out. Who’ve defied the odds to make their mark on the world.

But however great the individual, success is a team sport.

The playmakers at Octagon bring their own skillsets to the game. Authenticity. Diversity. Credibility and Creativity, we believe one can’t exist without the other. Knowledge they’ve acquired as fans. Expertise they’ve gained over time. Their perspectives and perceptions add depth and texture to our thinking. They don’t just work in this space.

They live in it.


Where to
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