Olympics & Action Sports

The Olympics & Action Sports division at Octagon has more than 130 years of experience combined. Our team of dedicated employees has been at the forefront of representing and marketing Olympic athletes since they were first allowed to pursue commercial opportunities. Not only that, but Octagon has also helped shape the assimilation of action sport athletes into the Olympic movement and overall mainstream marketplace. We excel in creating and commercializing athlete-driven content, initiatives and properties that successfully maximize the marketability and impact of Olympic and Action Sports athletes domestically and internationally.


Our Team

Amen Teter
Global Director, Action Sports
Portland, OR
Greg Fernandez
Global Director, Surfing
Encinitas, CA
Drew Johnson
Director, Strategic Communications
South Portland, ME
Ben Morrill
Director, Business Operations
South Portland, ME
Emily Hejlik
Director, Sales & Marketing
South Portland, ME
Brooke Chandor
Senior Manager, Marketing & Partnerships
South Portland, ME
Kelly Ferrero
Senior Client Manager, Olympics & Action Sports
Boulder, CO