"Rookie Mistake"

For NFL fans and players alike, there are certain mistakes that provide such a clear and coachable moment, they’re almost never committed twice: it’s called a “Rookie Mistake”.

When we’re out-of-sorts, well, that’s when we usually make those slip-ups, and we could all use a little coaching to get us back on our game.

This thought led SNICKERS, Official Chocolate Bar Sponsor of the NFL, to launch its NFL “Rookie Mistake” campaign. We asked fans to submit their funny missteps when they‘ve been off their game, for a chance to win tickets to the Super Bowl.

SNICKERS wanted to take this campaign beyond avid NFL fans and asked us to help them connect with a younger, more casual NFL fan.

We created a strategic influencer program on TikTok to drive brand awareness and encourage submissions to the SNICKERS NFL campaign.


#ad Submit your rookie mistake to #SNICKERSRookieMistake @snickers

♬ SNICKERS Rookie Mistake - snickers

#ad Reply to @snickersbar #ad maybe we just needed a snickers #SNICKERSRookiemistake

♬ Sneaky Snitch - Kevin MacLeod

#ad submit your rookie mistake to #snickersrookiemistake @snickersbar

♬ original sound - Ana Wolfermann

Thirty-five TikTok creators, across different lifestyle categories including sports, entertainment and music, shared their own “Rookie Mistake” in their own distinctive playful styles. Each then encouraged their followers to submit their own “Rookie Mistake” to the SNICKERS NFL “Rookie Mistake” Of The Year campaign.

Because TikTok caters to each user’s topics of interest, this gave us an opportunity to reach a much broader audience with influencer content that varied in style and content niche compared with content targeted directly at avid NFL fans.


#ad Rookie Mistake? Eat a @snickers #SNICKERSRookieMistake

♬ SNICKERS Rookie Mistake - snickers

#ad ROOKIE MISTAKE ? eat a dang @snickersbar crazy 😭😭

♬ original sound - snickers

#ad Rookie Mistake? Eat a @snickersbar #SNICKERSRookieMistake

♬ More Than Friends - Aidan Bissett

TikTok is known for its audio-first content – but our “Rookie Mistake” program didn’t initially have a specific sound associated with it. To rectify that, we collaborated with the boyband ‘Why Don’t We’, and their record label Atlantic Records, to produce an original sound on TikTok that added a further hook to the campaign narrative while tying together all the influencer content.


Our 35 influencers posted 68 different TikTok videos. These had 9.7 million video views with an 11.05% engagement rate.