Sponsorship Strategy and Communications

When internal and external analysis revealed that Siemens needed a Global Sponsorship Strategy that improved activation, harmonized a cluttered portfolio, and delivered relevant messages, we were there to help. We guided them through a 4-step process that resulted in firm sponsoring guidelines with a strong focus on selecting and activating through storytelling.

As the company experienced shifts in portfolio and compliance guidelines while running a global business, driven by multiple stakeholders, we developed explicit criteria to identify applicable sponsorships. To ensure compliance with the sponsorship strategy, we supported strategic sell-in and ran a comprehensive governance process which required for all sponsorships and hospitality opportunities to be submitted for approval in a centralized tool. We set up specific templates to evaluate sponsorships in a combination of qualitative and quantitative criteria while we run biannual and annual analysis of all sponsorship data to track strategic target achievement.

Beyond our strategic consulting and sponsorship governance support, we are breathing life into Siemens’ partnerships and corporate citizenship projects across all communication channels, captivating content that inspires both Siemens employees and the wider world.

We help Siemens by educating employees from the inside out. We craft clear, engaging webinar and learning content that dives deep into the incredible partnerships, memberships, donations, and citizenship projects Siemens champions across the fields of Corporate Citizenship, Education, Culture, and Sport. We equip Siemens employees with the knowledge and insights they need to make a real difference in their daily work. Plus, we are all about those “aha!” moments – we unearth hidden stories and surprising facts to keep internal platforms buzzing with excitement partnership content.

But our work goes far beyond company walls. We create communication strategies and campaigns that engage audiences across all Siemens platforms. From record-breaking motorsport partnerships, raising awareness for disaster relief organizations, celebrating the tireless efforts of volunteers to inspiring cultural projects, we shine a light on Siemens’ commitment to making a positive impact in the community.

At the heart of it all, we communicate Siemens’ unwavering dedication to transforming the everyday. We show how their cutting-edge technology is building a more sustainable future, one thriving community at a time. It is about sparking curiosity, igniting passion, and inspiring action – and that is the kind of communication we love to weave.