For over 10 years, Octagon has managed the hospitality and activation programme of Mastercard at the French Open. Activations, ambassadors, assets, budget, guest and supplier management, promotions, ticketing, evaluation – we take care of it all.

From a hospitality perspective, over 6,000 guests have been hosted by Octagon since 2013, with an average of 650 B2B guests per year during the fortnight.

From an activation point of view, Octagon and the French Tennis Federation (FFT) have worked hand in hand to improve existing activations (linked to payments in official shops) and create unique and exclusive assets for Mastercard (Best of Practice). We are also organizing a digital activation with Priceless kiosks (10k participants) + private backstage tours. Aside of this, we handle the Mastercard Ambassador Programme for the tournament.

Octagon also supports and guides Mastercard on the day-to-day contract management, including branding assets and contractual visibility.