Player of the Match Soundtrack Trophy

Mastercard has been always had a paradigm-changing approach to sponsorship. And as their partner, we were able to help them shape the future of their involvement with international rugby. As rugby fandom changes, so Mastercard and Octagon shift to reach out to the new era of fans. No longer the over 36, white male-dominated demographic, but a vibrant, younger, multicultural, music loving audience of motivated watchers and listeners.

For rugby’s 200th anniversary, Mastercard wanted to celebrate this first double century by inviting this new generation of fans to see in the next 200.

This new generation needed to know rugby is diverse, inclusive, and can speak to them in a way they prefer interacting with sport – short form, engaging, and globally appealing. This is part of Mastercard’s multi-sensory marketing strategy, embracing the five senses through technology innovation to evoke powerful emotions for immersive and unforgettable experiences.

To help encourage and engage a new generation, Mastercard enlisted next-generation talent to create their Rugby World Cup 2023 Player of the Match trophy. The trophy itself was designed by award-winning French designers Natacha and Sacha. Inspired by French traditions and culture, they crafted an innovative, personalised trophy with a design that incorporated a high-quality, motion-sensing speaker.

After the final whistle of each Rugby World Cup 2023 match, the Soundtrack Trophy was presented to the Player of the Match with a multi-sensory surprise inside. Embedded in each, a personalised musical soundtrack of their match, uploaded and ready to play as the trophy was lifted.

In Mastercard’s Sonic Studio, next generation French music artists, Philippine and Songe, with celebrated French Producer Surkin, wrote and performed each bespoke song. This was then interwoven with pivotal broadcast commentary moments from the match, fan shout-outs and the unique Mastercard sonic sound to create each soundtrack.

A perfect way to celebrate the man, the match and the new generation of fans.

And help shape the future of rugby sponsorship for the next 200 years.