Drive is the Difference


eSports. Fast. Exhilarating. Tense. Anxious. Exhausting. And for the eSports pros that are top of their game, that can mean burn out. When BMW came to us with a brief to maximize their partnership with Fnatic and develop a UK campaign to resonate with the growing world of eSports and young car owners, we knew we could help.

BMW car drives down a road amongst fields
Two young men can be seen in a car mirror

In our research, we came across some shocking stats. In just one day, these young pros can be subject to 600 decisions per minute, 51 external stress factors and on top of that, between seven and nine hours of practice. Inside their flats and houses. The pressure is relentless. And that makes it hard for these pros to keep their drive. Getting the right balance is the key to peak performance.

Two e-sports gamer sit on the bonnet of a BMW car

We made our play with a program to help to these young stars find that all important balance. We called it “Drive Is The Difference” and with it a content series giving fans a look into the unknown side of these pro-gamers’ lives.

Two young men cook over a fire
Two young men practicing yoga

We followed them as we gave them a well-earned weekend away, facilitated by the BMW M3 Competition Saloon. We broadcast across 10 channels, both Fnatic and talent-owned, and in 43 total posts the campaign delivered over 3 million organic impressions, over 713,000 views, nearly 315,000 views of our YouTube hero film and delivered £2.36 CPM. On BMW channels we generated 66,000 organic impressions, 2.9 million paid for impressions and 11,555 paid for engagements.

But what really drove us was giving our pro-gamers some unparalleled downtime.

A birds eye view of a house
Two young men toast marshmallows over a fire