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What We Believe

We live in a world where time is our most precious commodity, and our audiences’ patience has never been shorter. As an industry, we’ve never had to work harder to gain the attention of the people we’re trying to reach. The way we see it, there’s two ways to go about it.

Attention is either bought or it’s earned. 

Paid attention ensures your brand will be heard – and that's a good start. But attention that’s earned ensures your audience actually listens to what you're saying.

At Octagon, our purpose is to create work that earns attention. Through smart partnerships and generous ideas, we compete for, capture, and ultimately earn the attention of those who matter most.

Once In a Blue Moon

What empowers and pushes a team through any obstacle? 

A voice. 

Football fans have had their voices silenced; Cisco wanted to give them back. In partnership with Manchester City we created the Once in a Blue Moon campaign which saw fans across the globe brought together during lockdown, via Webex, to sing City’s footballing anthem Blue Moon. At a time when the fans and players needed it most, the power of technology re-connected people in the most human and meaningful way. 



In the lead up to the 2019 Women's World Cup, Octagon partnered with Mars and The Football Association to drive more recognition and excitement for women's football across the country. To support that effort, we invited the nation to get behind our girls during the Women's World Cup, giving everyone, football fans or not, the chance to show their support with the powerful rallying cry of #SupportHer. 

While recognizing the premier talent of our girls today, we also wanted to honour the extensive history of women's football in the UK. There were 110 statues of footballers throughout the UK, and not one of them was female. So, as part of our #SupportHer campaign launch, we unveiled the first-ever women's football statue in England in honour of the legendary Lily Parr.

The statue - designed by renowned sculptor Hannah Stewart - was created with the hope of building respect for the game, driving further recognition of women in football, and inspiring the Lionesses at the FIFA Women's 2019 World Cup in France.

Play the City

Expedia are turning travelling fans into fans of travel by inspiring them to make the most of their trip and Play the City.

See the sights, taste something new, and do something you wouldn’t normally do.

Play the City is a global campaign, created by Octagon, that includes TVC and a full suite of social and digital assets. The campaign will run across 10 markets in 8 languages.

This Means More

Is it possible to distill 125 years of history into three words?


It’s what we did when we created Liverpool’s first brand platform. This Means More.  A mantra that spoke to the roots of the city’s history of overcoming adversity.  It has been adopted by club, players, fans, and sponsors alike.


We are Liverpool. This Means More.

Save Our Shirt

Football’s addiction to putting betting brands on the front of their shirts is well documented.

That’s why we created Save Our Shirt – a movement to stop brands from treating fans like walking billboards.

This season Paddy Power is making the unprecedented move of "un-sponsoring" football clubs across the UK by removing their logo from the front of the shirt and symbolically returning it back to the people it belongs to, the fans.


We’re honoured to work alongside the world’s boldest and most inspiring brands and rights holders.



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