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We’d like all 8 seconds of it. That’s how long, according to recent studies, we’re able to focus on something. We live in a world where time is our most precious commodity, and our audiences’ patience has never been shorter. As an industry, we’ve never had to work harder to gain the attention of the people we’re trying to reach. The way we see it, there are two ways to go about it.

Attention is either bought. Or it’s earned.

Paid attention ensures your brand will be heard – and that's a good start. But the attention that’s earned ensures your audience actually listens to what you're saying. At Octagon, our purpose is to create work that earns attention. Through smart partnerships and generous ideas -- always built around the stuff your audience really loves -- we help you compete for, capture, and ultimately earn the attention of those who matter most to you.


Connecting Liverpool FC Fans across Asia to Anfield

INSIDE ANFIELD – Standard Chartered and Liverpool FC

Standard Chartered’s biggest market is Asia. Its biggest sponsorship is a football club in the northwest of England . When 99% of your audience will never visit the home of your biggest sponsorship investment, you have a problem. Or do you? An emotive and immersive Virtual Reality Experience took fans across the globe INSIDE ANFIELD.

Gwen, Tokyo Fashion Week and a Priceless Surprise…

Priceless Tokyo – MasterCard with Gwen Stefani and KEIta Maruyama

What do you get when you partner a brand with a Grammy award-winning superstar to stage her first Japanese solo show in nine years and bring on board a fashion icon for VIP access to the unveiling of his new collection? The Mastercard Priceless Japan launch.

17,000 Steps Through One of History’s Greatest Sites

Angkor Wat International Half Marathon and Manulife

Aligned with a global initiative to establish Manulife Asia’s presence within the health and wellness space, Manulife is the Principle Sponsor of the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This event, conceived and run by Octagon, at the UNESCO World Heritage Site provided Manulife with the perfect opportunity to create and deliver an extraordinary experience for participants through running - one of the most popular participation sports across the region.

Bringing the Joy of Tennis to Singaporean Kids

Tennis for Every Child - SC Global and WTA Finals

Octagon was challenged to bring the joy of tennis to more Singaporeans. The SC Global ‘Tennis for Every Child’ program delivers resources and training to school-aged kids, and SC Global’s sponsorship of the WTA Finals in Singapore was the perfect place to promote it.  Knowing kids love to get messy, we devised the “Grand Splat” activation as the ideal first request in hand expertise for kids – connecting them with a sport which many had never experienced before.


We're honored to work with the bold and inspiring brands of Asia Pacific.


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