April 6 2017

Work we’ve seen that’s earned our attention

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Great work worth sharing…

  1. Adidas Originals –  Creativity on steroids



Frank Sinatra, Stormzy, Snoop Dogg, and a whole lot of craziness in Adidas’ ‘Original is never finished’ content piece. Originality at its best from Adidas.

     2.This Girl Can: Phenomenal Women: The second campaign gets you pumped



The second campaign for this girl can returns, this time targeting a wider demographic, particularly teens, mums and women from 50s upwards. It’s never easy producing a second album after such a successful debut, but the campaign’s return is fresh, upbeat and intelligently targets cycle’s in women’s life when exercise becomes more challenging. As well as producing a great ad, Sport England has produced an app that allows women to upload a picture of themselves exercising before overlaying one of the campaign mantras over the top of it.

  1. Air France, Adidas & Citadium Hop Campaign – A powerful use of guilt



A great example of partnership’s sees Air France, youth retailer Citadium, and Adidas come together to entice grown kids to comeback home and visit Mum and Dad through a promotion called, ‘Run Home to Mum’. Parents are offered a discount to buy their kids a pair of Adidas trainers (with a free airline youth card included in the box) but the child is only sent one trainer, encouraging them to return home to collect the other. A clever play on guilt.

  1. Samsung ‘Marathon Game’ – Brilliant use of gamification



Let’s be honest, running can be boring, especially if you have to do 26 miles…So what if you can turn running into a game, and one in which you can make physical money for your charity? Along the marathon course, Samsung laid a number of gold coin stepping pads (think Super Mario). Via a timing chip, Samsung can track how many coins each racer collects (by literally stepping on the coin), before converting the digital money, into real money, to be donated to the runner’s choice of charity after the race. A great idea brought to life.