August 3 2016

What's Next in Sports? The Interactive Fan presented by Octagon

Conferences, Advertising Week, Simon Wardle, Thought Leadership

As part of AW360, Octagon hosted a live panel to discuss the latest sports phenomenon: Digital platforms acquiring rights to live stream sporting events and other sports content. 

Simon Wardle, Chief Strategy Officer, was one of the four expert panelists on hand to discuss how rights holders and broadcasting platforms can keep up with the developing trend with an eye on the upcoming Olympic Games.

The 30-minute panel was streamed on Facebook Live and had over 1,800 viewers. 



Moderator: Jason Kint, CEO, Digital Content Next


  • Simon Wardle, Chief Strategy Officer, Octagon
  • Steven Stern, Partner, Flagstaff Films
  • Jamie Gallo, President, Wunderman
  • Gary Cohen, President Triple Threat TV