March 6 2017

What's Next: Instagram Albums

What's Next, Thought Leadership, Social Media

There’s always news about social platforms. Whether it’s an IPO, a shuddering or a new feature for users to enjoy, it’s going to get attention. Instagram’s latest new offering - Instagram Albums – makes it possible for users to post multiple pieces of content at the same time, building albums that include up to 10 photos or videos in a single post. Our Director of Digital Production, Adam Polansky, breaks down what it all means.

What do I need to know? Instagrammers – including brands, celebrities and influencers - will now be able to use multiple photos and videos to share their moment or memory, rather than trying to encompass their post into a single piece of content. The storytelling possibilities just expanded 10-fold, while users are still able to use Instagram’s unique filters and photo editing features across their entire post.  

Wait, can't I already do that on Facebook? Multiple photos or videos in one post is not revolutionary. Facebook has been offering that for years, but Facebook’s timeline is crowded with news articles, political commentary, and cat videos. As a platform, Instagram is expanding the possibilities for users without losing sight of core functionality – a feed driven by solely photo and video.

How will it work? Whereas Facebook albums are a compilation of photos and videos that the user must open to view, Instagram has implemented a carousel interface that allows users to simply swipe left and right on the post to view the rest of the album. This interface will allow for quick consumption of each piece of shared content.




How does it weigh against its competition? By adopting albums, Instagram expands the real estate available for user content, and likely the time spent on the app by its 400 million daily active users. The new album feature allows its audience to stay even more active by having the ability to now engage with 10x the amount of content.

What does it mean for brands and events? Brands will now have the ability to leverage Instagram to share more detailed brand and campaign stories, or even create content series to show multiple angles of their product. The key for brands is to determine the key milestones and events where their consumers want more content, while not abandoning the simplicity of a single photo or video with a well written caption. 

What’s next? It will be interesting to see how Snapchat (with 150 million daily active users) responds to Instagram Albums. In its last release, Instagram directly borrowed from Snap’s “My Story” feature by implementing Instagram Stories – a way to share a full day of moments. Snapchat will surely try to “one-up” Instagram, possibly by using their unique facial-detection and AR capabilities.