July 18 2018


Octagon UK, Creative Marketing, Experiential, MasterCard

One of our proudest projects to date, Octagon worked with Mastercard UK on its 2018 sponsorship of the Goodwood Festival of Speed to inspire the next generation of motorsport engineers and designers, in an aim to start something priceless.  Celebrating the 25th year of the world’s most luxurious motoring event, Mastercard focused on innovation within an onsite Future Lab. Aspiring engineers could design their own cars and see them come to life via 3D printing.

And the centrepiece of the Future lab, we revealed the design for a new concept car of the future, imagined by its newest recruit Harry Ingram, aged six.

Conceptualised and sketched by Harry, the artwork caught the eye of the Mastercard design team for its futuristic and imaginative qualities. Check out the video of the car reveal to Harry below:





The car took roughly three months to build, using a variety of modern and traditional construction methods. Octagon led on campaign development and partnered with Stage One to build the prototype. It is (unconfirmed) the first car in the UK to have a contactless dashboard, the ability to wash clothes and an ice cream maker.

The car also boasts the following:

  • Wings that can turn into gliders
  • A sensor so it doesn’t crash
  • Powered by sucking in bad air (to help pollution levels)
  • Food and clothes to help the homeless
  • A hose that sucks up water to fight fire

Of his design Harry said: “I love Lamborghinis and Porsches, but I’m really pleased with my own design. My favourite part is the wings because I think in the future it would be good if cars could fly. I think my car should sell for about £6,000 because I’d like it to be available to everybody and I want to help people. I’m already working on my next design - a rocket ambulance.”

Nicola Grant, head of marketing for Mastercard in the UK, said: “The Goodwood audience is hugely passionate, with a love of both the history of motoring and the constant innovation and future possibilities it brings. This year we’ve taken the idea of the future of motoring one step further in revealing a car designed by one of our future drivers and designers. We’re excited to be able to combine our work in technology alongside our sponsorship, it’s the perfect place to show some of our innovation in action.”

Josh Green, Creative Director for Octagon UK, said: “The belief that anyone’s imagination can Start Something Priceless sits at the heart of this campaign. We are thrilled to bring Harry’s amazing idea to life. We are hopeful it will help inspire the next generation of car designers.”