September 26 2016

The Sport of Engagement & Experiential Marketing

Conferences, Thought Leadership, Marketing

Andre Pinard, Insights and Planning Group Director, Octagon Access, kicked off Advertising Week by hosting a panel discussion centered around how brands can appeal to Millennial consumers. 

You can watch the entire session here.

Andre didn't just speak about Millennials, he spoke TO them, expertly moderating a conversation with five Millennials from Octagon's own Generation Shift panel. 

Using personal experiences, the polycultural panelists spoke about which celebrities and athletes are influencing them and which brands are creating memorable and shareable experiences.

The panelists also made it clear that 'over the top' marketing campaigns were less effective and that their generation gravitates more toward grassroots marketing. Still, the absolute best thing that a brand can do is create exceptional products.

Although Millennials see themselves as free and independent to declare who they are as individuals, celebrities still have the power to influence their brand affinity.

So what's next? Brands can capitalize on this dichotomy by designing programs and experiences that appeal to Millennials' individual expression while maintaining a visible connection to influencers relevant to the target audience.

Thanks to Advertising Week for having us, and thanks to MLB Advanced Media for streaming the session, which can be seen in its entirety here.

Check back all week as we will have more content surrounding the Advertising Week Sports Track, presented by Octagon.