January 6 2017

What's Next: Snapchat Spectacles

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Snap Inc. is racing to become one of the first companies to land an engaging, wearable, face-tech product. And so far, it’s working. Their video-recording Spectacles, currently being released through a vending machine that changes locations every 24 hours, are generating a lot of buzz. Ultimately, marketers should recognize Snapchat Spectacles as the game changer they are.  Marketers now have a functional (and honestly, fun) piece of tech that offers endless possibilities for brands to connect with consumers. 

Sebastian Oddo, VP of Octagon Digital, snagged a pair and here's what they're all about:  

Connecting with Consumers via Snapchat Spectacles:

Solve portrait/landscape filming constraints. Because Snapchat Spectacles capture video in a circle, viewers can choose to consume Specs content in either portrait or landscape mode. In addition, Spectacles-produced content is so easily identifiable that consumers will know when brands are using this new tech. This early-adopter badge goes a long way with Millennials and Gen Z.

Leverage everyday living. Snapchat Spectacles' design and seamless user experience allow the device to integrate smoothly into everyday living. This enables brands to deliver unique, 1st person POV content through their endorsers and influencers. Spectacles are another way for these influencers to open up their lives to consumers without the hassle of traditional live-posting.

Empower consumers. With Snapchat Spectacles, brands can empower consumers and fans to become their content creators and endorsers by providing them with Specs while on-site at brand activations. Because the new product quickly pairs with users' smartphone and Snapchat app, sharing a brand experience is seamless. Once you have the Snapchat app, there are no additional downloads required.  

What’s next? Once the Spectacles are issued for wide-release, I expect we'll see a high demand from consumers who want to get their hands on a pair and start sharing their content and experiences. Will Snap Inc. be the first to win the wearable face-tech race? Message me on Twitter at @BePositive with your thoughts.