March 20 2017

Simon Wardle Discusses NCAA Advertising with the NY Times

Media, Thought Leadership, NCAA Basketball

In the midst of the NCAA basketball tournament’s opening games, Octagon CSO Simon Wardle sat down with the New York Times to discuss marketing around the tournament.

Simon lent his expertise on how advertisers can work around some of the nuances of the tournament, including the inability of marketers to use the athletes in their campaigns.

Here’s a glimpse at what he had to say.

“With an N.F.L. deal or M.L.B. deal, or any major league, you have inherent in those league rights the opportunity to show players. With the N.C.A.A., you’ve effectively got the rule of none. From a marketing perspective, that then leads you down some more creative paths, if you will.”

Read the article in its entirety here.