January 17 2017

Rick Dudley and Jeff Ehrenkranz sit down for SportsPro Exclusive

Media, Thought Leadership

Our Chairman and CEO Rick Dudley and President of International Marketing Jeff Ehrenkranz sat down with SportPro’s Tom Lloyd for an exclusive interview. The 4-page spread outlines Dudley and Ehrenkranz's thoughts on the changing face of the industry, sustaining growth, and Octagon's new agency brand positioning. Here's a peak at the story.

Our new Agency Brand:

“We’ve rebranded our image, and while some may say it’s just an image, it’s really much more than that. It’s an introspective look at ourselves and how we do things. We’re all over the world now, in so many different cultures, and we need to have a concrete idea of who we are and what we represent.” – Rick Dudley

Octagon in the Marketplace:

“All we can do is concentrate on helping our brands reach the people they need to, and helping them grow their voice in the marketplace. The market is always going to be changing, and there is always going to be a new Facebook, or a new Snapchat, so we just need to ensure that we are ready to tackle whatever we face next." - Jeff Ehrenkranz

What’s Next?

“We’re getting ourselves ready because ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia we think it is going to get very hot very fast. It’s a good example of us staying agile to somewhere where we think the appetite will emerge quickly.” – Jeff Ehrenkranz

Check out the full article in this month's edition of SportsPro magazine.