September 18 2017


Thought Leadership

Performance monitoring and the Quantified Athlete is one of the fastest growing categories in sports technology, and an increasing number of companies are entering this market space.

From wearables, to smart clothing and equipment, advanced technology is ushering in an era of data-driven sports management, allowing coaches and leagues to be one step ahead in making decisions that affect their athletes.

“At the Sports Innovation Lab, we see the sports technology industry as a proving ground for innovation across sectors. Nowhere is this more true than with the Quantified Athlete trend,” said Sports Innovation Lab’s Isaiah Kacyvenski. “The technologies developed today for measuring and tracking performance, health, and nutrition for elite athletes are going to have an immediate impact on the wellness of the general public going forward.”

At the same time, as consumer wearables improve and large companies continue to make major, strategic investments in the space, the product category has become core to the digital initiatives across several aspects of the sports business.

"On the surface, the Quantified Athlete trend is about human performance," said Octagon CMO North America Lou Kovacs. "The opportunity for brands is the personalization story for the fan, the athlete and the individual who sees themselves as both."

On Tuesday, Sept 19 Octagon and Sports Innovation Lab hosted a discussion examining the opportunities available in this quickly growing space, with professional lacrosse player and entrepreneur Paul Rabil; President of NFL Players Inc. Ahmad Nassar and Sports Innovation Lab’s Isaiah Kacyvenski.