September 18 2019

Octagon & FRUKT Release Power of Play Report

Press Releases, UK

LONDON (September, 2019) – Octagon & FRUKT have unveiled the Power of Play report, a new white paper that looks beyond the big numbers in gaming & esports to unpack the real fan motivations and opportunities for brands and rights holders at the heart of gaming culture in Europe.

With global esports revenue set to top $1.1 Billion in 2019 and brand investment rising rapidly, gaming is suddenly on everyone’s agenda. But what is the real story behind the big data? And how can brands and rights holders cut through the noise to build authentic connections with gaming’s most ardent fans?

Octagon & FRUKT analyzed 1,500 gaming & esports fans across three key European markets (UK, Germany, Spain) as part of its proprietary Passion Drivers survey and harnessed in depth insights from a global panel of leading experts across the esports ecosystem to understand the drivers and trends that power this passionate space.

The research demystifies the preconceptions surrounding gaming and esports, while unpacking the four key motivations that matter most to fans: belonging; socialising; fandom and mastery.  It showcases the evolution of the sector and how the perception gap between endemic and non-endemic brands is rapidly shrinking – with fans open to a wider spectrum of brands. The report also uncovers three crucial trends for brands to lean into – bridging the inclusivity gap and going beyond gamer stereotypes, supporting grassroots players and emerging talent, and in harnessing the crossover potential with other cultural spaces (music, film, fashion, etc)

“Despite the fact so many brands are feeling compelled to explore gaming and esports, the general level of understanding of the culture and how to navigate the space is still relatively low. Many brands are still making a series of assumptions based on traditional sports and, whilst there are some similarities, fan motivations are very different.

“The distinctive communities that thrive around different esports titles; the way fandom works and is expressed; the unique player behaviours that ladder up into the quest for mastery; alongside rapid evolving metas and the fact the space is constantly disrupting itself, all serve to demonstrate truly extraordinary qualities. That’s the story we wanted to tell with this research.

 – Adam Butters, Head of Planning, Octagon & FRUKT



  • A SPORT FOR GEN Z AND BEYOND – Almost half (48%) are under 24 years-old, but almost a third (32%) are parents and have dependents of their own
  • THEY ARE NOT ALL THE SAME - male fans dominate at 76%, but almost 1 in 4 esports fans are female
  • THEY ARE AN ESTABLISHED AUDIENCE - 74% have been watching esports for 2-5 years
  • THEY HAVE MONEY TO SPEND – it’s not all teens in their bedrooms, 54% are in full time employment
  • THEY ARE AVID VIEWERS – 84% have watched live streamed gaming in the last 12 months and 24% have attended an esports event


  • BELONGING - 65% love watching esports because they feel like part of a community and 68% highlight the value of interacting with other gaming fans
  • SOCIALISING - 68% of fans says watching esports feels like a game itself with 69% citing it is a passion they share with friends
  • FANDOM - 76% enjoy esports because they can see their favorite game played by the very best, while 65% love the players relatable and engaging personalities
  • MASTERY - 80% love watching esports because they learn new strategies/tips and 53% say they want to become a competitive gamer one day


  • TRUST - 58% are more likely to trust a company that is involved with esports
  • RECOMMENDATION - 53% say they want to use the same products as their favourite player
  • PURCHASE- 60% are more likely to try a company's product if they are connected to esports