October 6 2016

Octagon Executives Discuss What's New, What's Next and What's Growing

Media, Thought Leadership

Since our new brand positioning embraces the endless potential in our future, SBJ conducted an executive roundtable with some of our best and brightest in our Norwalk, Connecticut headquarters to discuss what's new, what's next and what's growing in the industry.

The group included CEO Rick Dudley; Chief Strategy Officer Simon Wardle; co-consulting heads Derek Aframe and Arnold Wright; Lou Kovacs, Chief Marketing Officer, North America; Meredith Kinsman, Director of Digital Strategy; Lamar Johnson, Vice President, Mindset & Culture; and Matt Malichio, Vice President and Creative Director.

Here's a taste of what our thought leaders had to say. 

"We see traditional sports morphing into things that are less traditional and less traditional sports moving the other way. It’s all fueled by digital platforms and social media." - Simon Wardle

"The average age of a gamer is in the mid-30s, so it is one of the unique engagement points to connect from young people all the way up." - Lamar Johnson

Read the full interview from Sports Business Journal here