March 27 2018


International Women's Month, HR, International Women's Day, Diversity

Octagon continued its celebration of International Women’s Month with a panel of leaders across sports and entertainment sharing their perspective on women's progress in our industry. Our own Christine Franklin (SVP, Consulting) moderated the panel which featured Kathy Carter (President, Soccer United Marketing), Angela Ruggiero (CEO & Co-founder, Sports Innovation Lab) and Jennifer Todd (EVP & Co-founder, The Baskeball Tournament).


Enjoy their discussion below:





Angela Ruggiero  //  Inclusion isn’t just about who’s at the’s if they’re being listened to and are part of the conversation.


Christine Franklin  //  One thing women can do today: bring another woman with you to a meeting - whether it’s someone junior to you, or someone next to you… bring somebody with you. I think that will change the dynamic instantly and that will change the voice that you have.


Kathy Carter  //  Unconscious bias is something [women] experience on a consistent basis at the workplace...we need to be aware of that to press for progress.


Jennifer Todd  //  You can control the process; think: this [woman] may not normally be a part of this conversation, but let’s bring [her] in and create the opportunity.


Angela Ruggiero  //  Before you push for change, you need awareness...the question that I would ask is what are you doing to help [women] get to a higher level?