January 1 2017

Octagon Celebrates Black Music Month

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At Octagon, diversity matters. The diversity of our employees and service offerings not only provide for a richer work experience, but enable us to create content and experiences that reach an increasingly diverse consumer base.


“Last week, in honor of Black Music Month, we hosted a diverse panel in our Stamford headquarters which focused on the intersectionality of Black music. From timelines to sound to current trends, the panel discussed how Black music shapes and influences the our culture and how we can bring that appreciation to our consumers and fans,” said Kierra Holroyd, Talent Acquisition Recruiter reported in.


“It’s critical to understand black music heritage and how that music transitioned into modern sounds. I need to be able to feel goosebumps in the back of my neck and start nodding my head – I need that clarity,” said Joe Celcis, one of the panelists at the event.


The panel consisted of Kayla Baker, a graduating senior at Westhill High School; Joe Celcis, an English teacher at Westhill High School; Dan Isenberg, Associate Creative Director at Octagon; Joe Scott, a digital strategist at Octagon, and Dave Wooley, a hip hop educator at Westhill High School in Stamford. The panel discussed their favorite current artists, the lineages of Black music, and the evolution of Black music saturating into what popular music is today.