August 22 2016

Next Up: Allie Baum

Next Up, HR

Octagon Trainees are valued members of our dynamic workforce. We recognize their skill, passion, creativity and ambition in the event management, sports marketing and talent representation space. Where others see complexity, they see possibility.

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Position: BMWi Account Trainee

Instagram: @alliebomb

Q: Favorite ice cream

A: Black Raspberry

Q: Last vacation destination?

A: Palm Beach, Florida

Q: Favorite social media platform?

A: Instagram

Fun fact? 

A: “I was a four-year cheerleader for the Orange and went to the Final Four in Houston this past year!


From graduating with honors at Syracuse University to packing her bags and moving to Connecticut in order to start her career with Octagon, the past few months have been a whirlwind for Allie Baum. 

Despite the sudden change in her life, Allie is adjusting to life in Connecticut just fine. Always quick to make friends, the outgoing former cheerleader has already made a name for herself in the Norwalk offices through her positive attitude and exceptional work.

As one of the Trainees on the BMWi account, Allie has taken a lead in the BMW Charge the Workday Tour. The tour brings BMW’s electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to various corporate locations around the country and allows employees to test drive the vehicles during the workday.

Allie is responsible for researching and scheduling companies and office properties that are not only interested in participating in the tour, but also fulfill all the necessary criteria. Allie has learned that this is no easy task. “The most challenging assignment has been to come up with creative ways to secure events,” she said. “Extensive research and helpful partnerships have been crucial in creating excitement for our tours.”

On top of research and scheduling responsibilities, Allie has also created a social media plan to help drive engagement, excitement, and participation for the tour. For the Instagram-loving 22-year old, this has been a welcome addition to her workload.  

Despite being in Norwalk for just a short amount of time, Allie already feels at home with her new team. “I enjoy working with a great group of co-workers who are all working towards the same goal,” she said. “We work productively together and really complement each other’s strengths.”

Looking ahead to what’s next, Allie hopes to prove herself as an invaluable member of the Octagon team and nail down a full-time position after fulfilling her Trainee obligations. In the meantime, she just wants to continue to adjust to her new surroundings and learn as much as she can about event marketing.

Although she is loving her role on the BMWi team, Allie can picture herself in an events coordinating position on a sports-related account, where she foresees an exciting future. “I’m most excited for the technological advancements that will ultimately improve the entertainment aspect of the sports world,” said Allie. “I think there are endless possibilities to improve fan engagement.”