April 13 2017

#MyOctagon: Sean Packard

OFS, #MyOctagon

For more than 25 years, OFS Wealth has helped athletes and celebrities manage their wealth— from the signing of their first contract, through retirement and beyond. 

In the weeks leading up to Tax Day, April 18th, Tax Director Sean Packard + team are busier than ever filing countless tax returns for their impressive client roster. From Rookies to Global All-Stars, OFS clients rest easy knowing their returns are being handled by professionals who are experts in the field and understand their unique needs.

Today we caught up with Sean Packard to get a glimpse of what his life looks like just days out from Tax Day. 

6:05 AM : First thought of the day: The baby is up already? followed by a quick diaper change and memory reload. What did I start yesterday that I need to finish today? Who owes me info? Which returns do I need to review? The multi-tasking begins early. 


8:45 AM : Email recovery. A lot to respond to. Better get on these. Can’t keel people waiting! Re: I need that document to finish this return. Re: Please print this statement. Re: Can you send me yesterday's statements. 16 down. Who’s next? If I squint, I just might see the end of my inbox.


12:30 PM : Almost time for lunch, but first — review this return. Staff is getting better. Good job, team! Let’s put some work papers together. Do I want sushi or Indian?


2:45 PM : More email, more documents. Won’t be able to finish this one. Extension. Paying in enough so we don’t get caught off-guard later? Need to set up estimates?


5:00 PM : Two more hours to go. Let's make the most of them! Review the day's work and finish some returns. 


7:10 PM : Lights out. Time to head home and see the kids before bedtime! One last return and planning for tomorrow.


9:00 PM : Home Sweet Home. How was your day?, dinner, and another Pokemon card game loss at the hands of my 6-year-old! Wife and kids are in bed. Time for one last e-mail check before saving and requesting documents for tomorrow.


10:00 PM : Am I tired? Bed. Am I stressed? Stand-up. Final decision of the day: Dave Chappelle or Jim Gaffigan? Hmmm...


Thanks for checking in, Sean! We'll see you April 19th. Stay tuned for more from the desk of OFS Tax Director Sean Packard.