March 28 2017

Meet the folk who make Octagon tick: Mike & Al

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1) Gents, can you tell us a little about your role at Octagon?

We are here to bolster Octagon’s creative offering, working with Creative Director Josh Green, Director of Planning Henry Nash, and Milkmoney to create work that earns attention (That’s the company line, right?).

Really, all we do is sit with a blank A3 pad and try to make work that we think is cool.

2) How do did you guys meet? Meant in a platonic work way…

We caught each other’s eye at a house party in High Wycombe. No, not really… well kinda. We both did a degree in Creative Advertising at Buck’s and partnered up then. After a few years freelancing, Octagon was the first real place that felt like home, so we’ve decided to stay!

3) What’s your proudest work to date?

Proudest / weirdest work has to be the ATL stuff we did for Shrek. Our first bit of proper work that we saw everywhere, we insisted it was on BIG scale; 48 Sheet posters, huge wall hangings and even wrapped buses.  So, if you saw a giant Shrek head rollin past on a Routemaster during your Monday morning, we’re responsible. You’re welcome.

4) First thoughts on Octagon?