January 31 2017

Lou Kovacs Discusses New Partnership with Sports Innovation Lab

Thought Leadership

Sports Innovation Lab, a new market research company focused on sports technology, officially launched their platform last week. Octagon is proud to be among Sports Innovation Lab’s founding partners and to be an active part of the effort to help organize and simplify the emerging sports technology landscape so marketers can make better strategic decisions through data and expert insights.

We sat down with our North America CMO, Lou Kovacs, to talk about Octagon’s partnership with Sports Innovation Lab:

Why did Octagon choose to partner with the Sports Innovation Lab?

KOVACS:  The sports industry is undergoing a fundamental shift in how fans engage with their passion for sports. Sports Innovation Lab are clear leaders when it comes to identifying and evaluating the technology companies, products, and services that are powering the future of the sports industry and helping to guide brands, networks, teams and facilities to make strategic technology investments and partnership decisions.

Why is it important for brands to understand emerging trends in sports and technology?

KOVACS: There has never been a more complex time to be a marketer. The diversity of platforms and content mean that it is harder and harder for brands – and therefore marketers - to get their message imprinted on consumers. It’s important for brands to have access to the best research and most up to date evaluations across the technology landscape so they can make smart investments, and use technology to provide unique and memorable consumer experiences.



What are some of the trends that you are beginning to see in the sponsorship space?

KOVACS: We've got our eye on a group of tech-based companies investing in and playing a major role in how sports are played and consumed.  Their technology is engrained in the new sports experience - these are the new endemics.

What can we expect from the Octagon and Sports Innovation Lab partnership?

KOVACS: For us, it’s about helping our clients and our people understand the opportunities that are available as a result of emerging tech offerings.  Technology and data open up a whole new world of activation and experiential possibilities for our clients, bringing unique perspectives, personalized content and new experiences to fans of the sports they sponsor. It’s also important to provide SIL’s tools to our people and to give our teams at Octagon the resources they need to help our clients make the next right move. We’re excited to participate in SIL’s first event on the quantified athlete later this month, and look forward to collaborating on content and insights that will be useful for the larger industry.