February 1 2018


NFL, Sponsorship

Whether it's for the on-field action or the commercial breaks, millions will tune in to watch the NFL's culminating match on Sunday. Meanwhile, Minneapolis has opened its doors and welcomed all of the fans, brands and media that help make the Super Bowl one of the biggest sporting events of the year.  Arnold Wright -- an EVP and one of Octagon’s NFL sponsorship experts -- and I shared a ride from the airport and talked about what the Octagon Marketing team is doing to help our clients activate via experiential platforms, content creation, and celebrity and influencer programs this week.

Lou: Experiential takes many forms. A major emphasis for a lot of our clients is hospitality and customer hosting. What are some of the trends you are seeing?

Arnold: We're creating and executing hospitality programs for a number of clients here in Minneapolis including Delta Air Lines, Dannon, Bank of America and Castrol. The key trends that stick out to me across hospitality are personalization, localization, and an increased emphasis on experiences over gifting. For Bank of America, we're hosting a number of guests from the Minneapolis market, so we focused on localization and created an event that includes a film-screening of America’s Game: The Missing Rings (which takes an-depth look at the Vikings), and we're bringing in local favorite Randy Moss for a meet-and-greet.

Lou: Good stuff - the guests should really enjoy that. What other brand experiences are we creating?

Arnold: We will also have a Castrol Titanium Training Camp interactive footprint at the NFL Experience. Fans will compete in a football obstacle course to win Castrol-branded prizes. In addition, this will be the 4th year that Dannon's Danimals brand will be the presenting partner of the Play 60 Super Kid. The Super Kid is attending numerous NFL events and will serve as the “Kid Correspondent” for the league. Delta is a partner of the Super Bowl Host Committee, so there are all kinds of official events their guests will have access to.

Lou: Maybe you and I will have to compete on the obstacle course this weekend? Ok, back to business. Octagon helps brands and their agencies manage more than 500 celebrity and influencer deals per year. Who are our brand clients partnering with for the Super Bowl?

Arnold: We have partnered our clients with a few NFL names: Castrol is partnering with Vince Wilfork, Oikos is partnering with Dak Prescott and Bank of America will be partnering with Randy Moss as I mentioned earlier. Vikings wide receiver and playoff hero Stefon Diggs will be a part of Delta’s hosting program too. There's even more happening from our celebrity brand amabassador group First Call, and a number of our talent clients including Emmitt Smith are in town to support their brand partners.

Lou: Any final comments before we wrap this up?

Arnold: I would be remiss if I didn't thank all of the Octagon team members who are here working so hard (and trying to stay warm).  So much work goes into the planning and executing of these events, it starts well before they get to the host city.  And one more comment - Go Eagles!

Lou: I thought you were a Falcons fan?

Arnold: I am, but I am hoping that someone beats your Patriots this year to make up for my Falcon’s loss last year.

Lou: Fair enough. Want to make this interesting with a score prediction… say, kid’s college tuition on the line? Who do you take, Pats giving four or Eagles getting four?

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