May 28 2016

José Mourinho’s endorsements vs Man Utd’s sponsors

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José Mourinho’s appointment as Manchester United manager will undoubtedly excite the club’s sponsors who will look for ‘the special one’ to help invigorate their investments by returning the club to winning ways. But what does the future hold for his personal endorsements with brands who will now compete with the sponsorship gargantuan that is Manchester United?

Tony Connelly, The Drum, spoke with Dan Haddad, Octagon Commercial Consulting and asked the question, will José Mourinho’s personal endorsements clash with Manchester United’s sponsors? See below for Dan’s comments or click here for the full story:

Dan Haddad, commercial consulter at Octagon, doesn’t foresee any major hurdles for Mourinho’s sponsors. “The thing to remember about Chevrolet and the club partners is that they’ll not have any individual rights around Mourinho,” 
“The only thing that Jaguar have to be concerned with is the amount of brand exposure that Chevrolet will have around Mourinho but with Manchester United having a separate training kit and training complex sponsor in Aon, that kind of dilutes that issue as well.”