January 23 2017

Experience What's Next: Success in 2017

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Experience What’s Next – monthly tips from our HR Department.

Kierra Holroyd, Talent Acquisition Recruiter

As we begin a fresh year, people increasingly apply the “What’s Next” approach to their careers. In a job market where talent sets the tone, it is important to look for ways to improve YOY. Here are a few ways to enjoy a successful 2017.

Set Realistic Goals: While well intentioned, the New Year, New Me approach (and the unrealistic goals that come with it) will only serve to make you feel guilty or defeated if you fail to accomplish them. You don’t have to set super lofty goals going into the New Year. A continuation on the same goals as last year is ok. Take a look at what you accomplished in 2016 and see how you can expound on those wins. You’ll find that nurturing these goals and achieving them is a great way to spur your motivation to do even more.

Schedule Coffee Time:  Have you checked on your network lately? Chances are you know someone who might be available for mentorship or advice. Identify one or two contacts from your network that embody the next step in your career and invite them out for coffee. Be specific about what you’d like to gain from the interaction and come prepared with questions. Make sure to offer to be of service to them in return!

Get Involved:  Do what you can to be visible in your industry or community. Volunteering at an event, offering to mentor or asking to present a topic at a conference are just a few ways people can get to “know” you. You’ll find as you become more known, more doors are likely to open.

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable: Your comfort zone may be a great place to master your craft, but stepping outside of it is where you’ll grow. Say “yes” to opportunities that scare you or requests that are different than your normal responsibilities. You might be uncomfortable at first, but once you embrace the uncertainty, you’ll find you have developed new abilities you didn’t have before.


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