June 28 2017

Experience What's Next: Creating a Productive Summer

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Mary Sirico, Talent Acquisition Manager

So, you didn’t get the internship. It stings at first, doesn’t it? That is until you think about all the free time you now have for Summer fun. But before you load up the beach tote (or sink into Summertime Sadness) – consider 5 practices you can employ to have a balanced Summer and add value to your resume, even without an internship.

Get a Summer Job

Internships, while ideal, are not the only place where you can develop the skills recruiters are looking for. Pick up a summer job and show recruiters you put in the hours to develop skills that translate: compassion via babysitting, client oriented via retail, willingness to get your hands dirty via landscaping.


A little giving back goes a long way. Your willingness to dedicate free time to a good cause and explore your passions will be well received.

Pro Tip: If you’re passionate about the program you volunteered for, this enthusiasm will be discernible when discussing your experiences on phone interviews.

Job Shadow

While there isn’t a formal place to list a job shadow on your resume, the experience can be a great point of conversation in a cover letter. You might also discover what really matters to you in a company. Take a look at your network and see who is connected to an industry or company you’re interested in shadowing.

Take a Summer Class

Summer classes, often more intimate and structured than fall and spring semester classes, can provide a rewarding and intensive overview of the class subject. This may help you in an academic area that you need to give more focus, make room for an elective that you can’t fit in your schedule otherwise, or lighten your regular schedule.

Attend Professional Networking Events

Many cities host professional networking events for interns in the area. Reach out to the organizers and let them know that instead of an internship, you’ve elected to pursue one of the opportunities above. They might be open to you to attending, even if you’re not presently interning.

We reached out to two professional networking events in New York City to see if they would allow attendees who are not interns. Their reply: Of course! The more attendes the stronger the event.

Don’t be shy, know your worth and ask! After all, this year’s networking event could help you to land next year’s internship.



Experience What's Next

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