August 16 2017


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Experience What’s Next – monthly tips from our HR Department.

Kierra Holroyd, Talent Acquisition Recruiter


The social media landscape is packed with opportunity. From digesting world news in-real-time to connecting with IRL or internet friends, users are free to accomplish just about anything.

But what if you’re a @DreamCandidate on the hunt for your next opportunity? You’ve likely discovered your constant resume edits and interview prep have begun to feel like a second job. So, allow your social media presence to work that extra shift by following these top tips we compiled with Octagon Digital Strategist Joe Scott.


Clean Up Shop

Joe: Before you submit your next application, make sure all of your accounts are up-to-date with your current interests, location, and role if appropriate. Creating cohesion amongst your social media networks tells recruiters that you care about how you are represented and will showcase your personal brand in the best light.



Kierra: Curating your experiences is also important. While each social media platform should reflect back to your overall brand, you should also cater to the audience for that platform. Think who am I trying to reach on LinkedIn? What do my followers on Instagram want to see?

In a similar vein, give thought to what a post says about you before hitting ‘send’. Your social media accounts can help you get a job, but they can also prevent you from getting a job.

Pro Tip: Spring Cleaning applies on social, too. Once a quarter, take a closer look at your social media presence – bios, tweets, pictures, and profiles – and make any needed edits.


Go Live Online

Joe: Create a host platform for your work to live online – something you can link back to on social. Developing your resume into a one or two page website is a great start. And with the emergence of simple, free website builder tools, even those with no development experience can create an impressive, professional website.

You also have the flexibility to expand your site to include a creative portfolio, writing samples, or blog down the line.

Kierra: Take care in how you choose your domain name. This is almost as important as your email address or resume file name (Bonus tip: Dare to name your resume something other than 'Resume'). A link that includes your full name and what you do à la http//... kierraholroydrecruiter will work wonders.


Invest in Targeted Ads

Joe: Once you have a destination where one can easily view your work and accomplishments, create a social media ad that targets the demographics who would be most interested in your work. For example, if you are a graphic designer, target employees at specific organizations and agencies that interest you. Don’t fret on cost – you can be very effective with a low budget.

Kierra: When your target audience lands on your profile, you’ll want them to find something that sets you apart from other candidates. So create content that answers questions you may be asked on an intereview. How do you see experiential marketing evolving in the next five years? Which of the projects that you’ve worked on are you most proud of?

Pro Tip: Utilize Twitter’s pinned tweet function to bring your best content to the top of  your feed. To start, you may want to highlight something missing in your industry or a solution to a common industry problem for extra zing.


Happy job hunting! And stay tuned for Landing a Job via Social Media: Part 2.


Experience What's Next

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