July 18 2017

Experience What’s Next: Summer Development

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MaryJo Loparco, Talent Acquisition Director


Summertime is finally here and with that comes summer vacations, school break, the highly anticipated summer work-schedule, and... summer development? 

While working on your professional goals may not sound as appealing as sunbathing and BBQ, summer can be an optimum time for you to grow. Added bonus: come September, you'll be in great shape for your impending annual review. 

Here are some actions you can take this summer to advance your career:


Update Your Professional Brand

If you haven’t touched your professional brand since January, it's time to refresh your resume, LinkedIn, and social media presence. Now half-way through the year, you’ve likely completed new projects, taken up a volunteer assignment, begun a new role, or explored new passions. Layer these new items across your brand elements – bullets for resumes, new bios on social – so you’re fresh and ready when an exciting summer opp comes your way.

Remember: Your professional brand should always be an accurate reflection of your most current skills, experience and interests, so recruiters can find you.


Revisit Your Goals

Most people draft their goals at the beginning of the year and neglect to look at them again until it’s time for the annual review. Don’t set and forget! It’s important to review your goals regularly throughout the year, and now is a good time for a midyear check-in so you can recalibrate.

If you’re on track to meet all of your goals, great! You may want to ask for an additional project or assignment that will give you more responsibility and exposure.

If you’re behind, create a catch-up plan that you can accomplish with the five months remaining in the calendar year. Time to hit the gas!


Schedule a Mid-year Check-In with Your Manager

But before you do: Review. Your. Goals. (see directly above for more). You should know where you stand in relation to the goals that were set at the start of the year before (not after) your check-in.

Head in to this conversation with a clear agenda. Talking points should include your work, accomplishments, roadblocks and development goals. Having this conversation mid-year avoids end-of-year surprises during a performance review. 

Pro Tip: If you are using this check-in as an opportunity to begin conversations about a possible promotion, come ready with clear examples of why you think you deserve it. Pull numbers, testimonials from others on your performance, and spell out your objectives for the coming year.


Now, enjoy your summer.  And as you apply the sunscreen, remember to plan for some forward thinking action items in July and August to move your career along and prepare for #WhatsNext.



Experience What's Next

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