September 29 2017

Cate's Culinary Update: Drinks by Drone

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Cate's Culinary Update – Examining trends across the culinary space.

Catherine Wright, Creative Strategist


Catherine Wright is a Creative Strategist under Octagon's award-winning Content Group. The Content Group, comprised of talented designers, producers, digital strategists, and planners, creates opportunity for some of the world's largest brands with thoughtful, creative, and bold campaigns rooted in insights. In her monthly entries, Cate examines key trends, technology, and innovations in the culinary space.


Trend Spotlight  //  Experiencing Food: VR

VR has a time and a place, but more often than not, it is overused. However, when it comes to food, VR can lend a hand in building more immersive experiences that enhance flavor. The story behind food is in large part what makes a meal great. VR can show where food comes from, who makes it, and its sources in nature.

For Yelp’s Future of Food festival in London, Big City Hot Dogs made a VR experience to set the tone for tastings. VR tours of New York streets let guests explore the sights and sounds of Times Square while they bit into some classic NYC franks.'


Tech Spotlight  //  Drinks by Drone

Drones are a major buzzword right now, but it can be hard to find useful ways to leverage the trend. Pepsi came up with a fresh way to blend hospitality, food, and tech: drone mixers. Pepsi debuted their new artisan sodas at a rooftop venue by using drones to mix custom cocktails. Event attendees ordered drinks by pressing a dramatic “shaken” or “stirred” button to activate drone theatrics. Celebrity mixologists crafted the cocktails and place them in the drone, for mixing and delivery across the pool deck.



Studio Spotlight  //  Smith & Sinclair

Smith & Sinclair is a food design studio in London that seeks to make adults feel like kids in a candy shop. Their portfolio of work includes edible bubbles, mist, and cocktail candies for a variety of clients and events.

Their concoctions succeed in being both upscale and whimsical. Smith & Sinclair is definitely worth looking at for inspiring ways to create out-of-the-box culinary experiences. Check out their site for ways to activate.



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