April 7 2017

Brand Storytelling: Marketing through a Journalistic Lens

Thought Leadership, Content, Digital

Content has reigned supreme for over two decades. In this year alone, video content will make up 74% of Internet traffic, and will increase to 80% by 2019.  In today’s marketing landscape, brands are engaging and communicating with consumers by leveraging video content that speaks to why and how a product or service will enrich their lives. The investment in this medium shows a greater understanding into customer-centric selling power through story telling.

We draw from traditional journalism and use that DNA to provide a structure applicable to marketing strategies.  To establish narratives that resonate, connect, inspire and incite action, Creative Production Manager, Melissa Johnson, shares 5 techniques to tell better stories in video.

Establish the focus   

Be good observers and constantly look for a focus or communication objective. We reflect reality and document that.  Make evident a hero, emotion or concept of the story. If there is not one of these in the video, we fail as storytellers. 

The Handshake Shot                                  

Introduce your hero in full view or in a single shot for your viewer as you would a face-to-face introduction in person.  This allows viewers to form an interest and curiosity moving forward.

Meaningful Detail 

The use of meaningful visual elements such as light and shadow shows subtle contrast and changes throughout the story. The use of descriptive or impactful sound bites adds depth to the character or environment. 

Surprise & Delight

Reinvest your audience in your story by adding elements of surprise and/or conflict. Viewers want to feel a genuine connection to you or your brand. Whether it tugs at the heartstrings, creates laughter, or reveals something unique, these moments, when done right, help the brand or brand message stay on the minds of your audience.

Show, Don’t Tell

When possible, avoid using literal descriptions, heavy text or stats throughout the video and avoid over-saturating the video with several product shots or brand mentions. Instead, opt for seamless integration or subtle,  less-invasive visual queues.

Here is an example of a video The Content Group produced for Delta Air Lines' partnership with the LA Lakers featuring Jordan Clarkson.