June 16 2020

Ask Us Anything: #LoveSTILLWins


As we celebrate the 5th anniversary of the passage of marriage equality in the United States later this month, we also face the prospect of a Pride Month that will not see in-person celebrations, parades, or gatherings, and one that falls in the midst of heightened sensitivities around race, justice, and intersectionality. We take this as a moment to understand what Pride means now, how far we’ve come, and how far we have left to go.  


Moderated by Tracy Gilchrist,  Editor in Chief of the Advocate, and featuring R&CPMK EVP Entertainment & Multicultural Practice Lead Stephen Macias, Octagon VP of Business Development Susie Piotrkowski, as well as Prop 8 Supreme Court Plaintiffs and LGBTQ+ Civil Rights Advocates Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo, OSEN's “#LoveSTILLWins: Pride Past, Present, and Future” panel conversation highlights the accomplishments and challenges of LGBTQ+ rights in society and culture, provides perspectives on how we can celebrate and embrace Pride year-round, and shares diverse perspectives on the LGBTQ+ community. In addition, “#LoveSTILLWins: Pride Past, Present, and Future” includes thoughts and learnings around the intersectionality of the Pride and the civil rights movement. We also answer questions from our colleagues across OSEN.

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