June 6 2017

24 Hours With Octagon's Aaron Pearce

APAC, Media

Mumbrella Asia's 24 Hours With... series spotlights the working day of some of the most interesting people in Asia’s marketing and media landscape. Today, they caught up with Octagon APAC Client Services Director Aaron Pearce for an hour-by-hour look at his day. Catch his first few hours below and discover Aaron's entire day here.

5am I’m woken by a small two-year-old boy crawling over me into bed

8am Off to work listening to a podcast –current are Oprah and Hamish & Andy (for a taste of home).Different forms of inspiration from building a billion dollar empire to eating the entire menu at McDonalds.

8:30-9:30 Check on emails that have come through from our global offices; currently working on some interesting projects with our European and US offices around Esports.