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Connecting Liverpool FC Fans across Asia to Anfield

INSIDE ANFIELD – Standard Chartered and Liverpool FC

Standard Chartered’s biggest market is Asia. Its biggest sponsorship is a football club in the northwest of England . When 99% of your audience will never visit the home of your biggest sponsorship investment, you have a problem. Or do you? An emotive and immersive Virtual Reality Experience took fans across the globe INSIDE ANFIELD.

Creating Priceless experiences through culinary

The Priceless Table was created to bring Mastercard cardholders a once-in-a-lifetime culinary experience to enjoy with family and friends. By giving cardholders the opportunity to dine in the most unique venues with a four course fine-dining meal curated by a celebrity chef, Mastercard offers their cardholders a Priceless experience they will never forget. In 2016, we grew the program and offered 50 Priceless Tables to cardholders across the United States in their Priceless Cities. They engaged key partners by activating these experiences for their cardholders in targeted markets. From dining on the stage of the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago to sipping cocktails on the rooftop of Carnegie Hall to having exclusive access to Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, the Priceless Table delivered unbelievable experiences to more cardholders than ever before.


We're proud to work with the bold and inspiring brands of South Africa.


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