March 7 2017

Attention is earned not given


When we started 2017, we had a new look – and with it, a clear new ambition:

To create work that earns attention. (More on that later…).

2016 was not just the year of the rebrand and a renewed purpose at Octagon, it was also a year that saw us stretch ourselves in almost every way.

We travelled to France with Turkish Airlines, SOCAR and Mars for the Euros. We made waves in Tahiti with Corona. We pounded the pavement at the Tour de France with CA Tech. And we even scrummed down in Dubai with AIG.

In the past year we welcomed a number of fantastic new clients to the Octagon family, starting new relationships with Shell, Turkish Airlines, Liverpool FC, Socar and Danone.

We also made it official with our long-time friends at Milkmoney, acquiring the content production business that have already helped us create awarded winning content work for clients like Dove Men, Mastercard and Standard Chartered.

Finally, 2016 saw us welcome a Turk, Swiss, Belgian, French, German, Australian, Finn and Irishman. How very un-2016. New faces. New skills. New enthusiasm.